This website has been created to record & study neuro typical human behaviour from the unique perspective of having Aspergers Syndrome.


From now on I will refer to neuro typical humans as 'NT Humans' to simplify things, NT Humans meaning 'neuro typical human' is a term used by people on the autistic spectrum for people not on the autistic spectrum.

Aspergers Syndrome is a structural variation in the brain’s architecture that gives rise to differences in processing & in different abilities. People with Aspergers Syndrome have none or an altered sense of 'Theory of Mind'' compared to NT Humans, the 'theory of mind' term was first coined by US psychologist 'David Premack'. Psychologists have come to use the term ‘theory of mind’ to denote this everyday ability to attribute mental states to other people & to thereby interpret, explain & predict their behaviour.

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The Neurodiversity in Humans is vast & that is no different in people with Aspergers Syndrome. The brain of people with Aspergers Syndrome is wired vastly differently to NT Humans & with that wiring comes some benefits such as vastly improved objective analytical capabilities & an almost unhealthy obesssion with logical rational thinking, however having Aspergers Syndrome also has a dark detrimental side which I will go into later in much more detail.

The classic & all to common response from NT Humans to people with Aspergers Syndrome is projection with comments like ' I cant relate to them' or 'I don't get them' when in reality without introspection the NT Human does not realize the error actually lies in them for not having the structured 'theory of mind' to deal with any difference of behaviour. Rather than having to admit their own shortcomings its easier to project the error back onto the person with Aspergers Syndrome & blame the condition that they have.


Theory of mind concerns our ability, not simply to have beliefs as such, but to have beliefs about mental states, including the recursive ability to have beliefs about beliefs & understand them. In short theory of mind is a set of social rules that define & control how humans act when interacting with each other so not having these rules & definitions unchains & free's people with Aspergers Syndrome from the stereotypical ridged thinking of the neuro typical mind & instead we can view human nature & their behaviours from a more objective, unbiased way & importantly untainted by emotions neutral stand point. No warped deluded ego will get in the way of our observations, no dissonance, the Aspergers analytical mind will only record the observation & nothing more.


The Theory of Mind is so intertwined with the Ego of the NT Humans that logical rational interactions are restricted by both. The Theory of Mind of the NT Human will give it a very limited perceptive depth on how to view the world & the Ego will stop the NT Human from admitting anything that would be seen or perceived as failure or weakness.. With both of these elements so fundamentally part of the NT Human psychology it makes it impossible to get objective unbiased decision making from them..

Sadly for people with Aspergers Syndrome a life of estrangement is sadly all too common, on a daily basis people with my condition battle to understand & interact with a mainly grotesque duplicitous species that doesn't seem to have any stable rational rules for social interactions itself. This I believe is why a substantial number of older people with Aspergers Syndrome inevitably begin to show the symtoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Indeed the suicide rate for people with Aspergers Syndrome is statistically 60% higher than in the normal NT Human population, this I think is down to that life for most people with Aspergers Syndrome is intolerable. Older People with Aspergers Syndrome also show behaviours very Common with psychological torture.

    Hyperarousal: Difficulty falling or staying asleep; Irritability or outbursts of anger; Difficulty concentrating; Hypervigilance
    Anxiety, either generalised or specific anxieties.
    Avoidance, emotional numbing, detachment, withdrawal.
    Low mood, depression.


The daily anxiety, the daily fight to seek logic & rational thinking in a irrational emotionally unstable species like neuro nypical humans whom for the most part are devoid of any logic subsequently takes its toll in the end as would any prolonged stress. Now the majority of NT Human's will claim profoundly they have logical rational thinking, but the truth & reality is very different to that claim. Another condition also linked with older people with the Aspergers Condition is 'Executive Functioning'. Executive function is a set of mental skills that include working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. We use these skills every day to learn, work, and manage daily life. Problems with executive function can make it hard to focus, follow directions, and handle emotions, among other things.


NT Humans would rather convince themselves & others that they are stable than actually admit the truth & this is why the human race takes a very long time to move on socially, morally & to evolve, as admitting you were wrong about something is a fundamental part of advancement, learning & evolution. Though the behaviour of NT Humans is baffling to us on the autistic spectrum most of the time, human origins are deeply rooted in its genetic lines which of course originated from the great apes & the common ancestor we share with them.


I have been studying/researching Anthropology & Genetics for over a decade now but no greater insight was given to me on human behaviour than from the books & research of Evolutionary Biologist Professor Richard Dawkins.


It was enlightening to understand where the cruelty in humans came from, the obsession with power & control, the incessant need they have to compete with one another, the inevitable behavioral hierarchical system they always resort to.


What follows is a brief list of the People & Books that were very influential in my research. I urge everyone to read the literature written by these people.

Evolutionary Biologist Professor Richard Dawkins

A Brilliant specialist in this field is clinical psychologist Professor Tony Attwood.  


He has written some excellent books & is a leading figure into the study of Aspergers Syndrome & all the complications that come with that when trying to fit into a NT Human Society.

'The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome' is one of his excellent books.

Professor Tony Attwood

Also very influential to my research was a book from Sir Francis Galton called 'Hereditary Genius' which is a fantastic book & really was ground breaking at the time of its release.


The book 'Hereditary Genius'  goes into great detail just how important genes are in a persons character & the genetically driven behavioural patterns that derive from them genes.

Anthropologist Sir Francis Galton

I must also mention & recommend an excellent book called 'The Naked Ape'

by Desmond Morris.





Looking back at my younger years I used to think NT Humans had a choice in their behaviour, they choose to be a bully, choose to harm & kill animals for fun etc. However on hindsight I was naive & ignorant to the wonders of natural selection & the NT Human origins & its place on the evolutionary tree. Indeed most if not all of the behaviours shown by the modern day NT Human can be traced back to its genetic lines & our primate cousins, chimpanzees, gorilla's etc.


Of course there is the 4.4% of genetics that is not chimpanzee or gorilla & that 4.4% in terms of genetic difference is a significant amount & that is what defines humans as humans. Unfortunately for NT Humans the majority of the genetic code is still the primitive brutal code that our cousins the other apes have & partly from our common ancestor with them apes. This is why NT Humans behave in this manner & ultimately all the animals & people who think & behave differently to them such as people with Aspergers Syndrome simply become 'Wounded Prey' (as Professor Tony Attwood writes) to their nature & inherent intolerance of differences. Complex emotions, affection & sentiment all claimed traits of humanity are said not to be present in people with Aspergers Syndrome but this is untrue our outwardly behaviour actually masks deep rooted emotions with in us & NT Humans usually dont give us a chance to display these or show them in a way that would be understood partly due to the NT Humans restrictive & ridged theory of mind & partly due to their innate intolerance of difference.

A fantastic accomplished writer and a real genius at breaking down how the modern world operates is highly acclaimed author Christopher Hedges.


Former writer for the New York Times Christopher Hedges has written some fantastic books on society and the decayed, venal structures of power which the NT Humans inhabit.

One of his recent books was 'Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle'

Prize winning Author Christopher Hedges

The recent Corona virus & the illusion of Altruism & Freedom

Like most things in the NT Human society the illusion of selflessness which is in essence altruism is just that an 'illusion' nothing more. They speak the language and act kind & benevolent but it only takes a minor crisis or panic in their society for their true colours of the NT Human to appear. This became very apparent very quickly recently when in March 2020 the Corona Virus was unleashed from a lab somewhere in china & very quickly spread throughout the world, a virus I might add that has killed around only 5% of people when compared to the common flu.

The whipping up & panic portrayed on the TV via the news media  constantly though was enough to invoke panic in the NT Humans & very quickly the veracity of the bubble of which is human kindness to others was punctured. This behaviour is perfectly set out in the excellent book 'The Selfish Gene' by Professor Richard Dawkins & is a behaviour only seen in NT Humans & no other of the great apes. The Panic buying of loo roll & other items at the supermarkets showed purely selfishness & was a brilliant insight to the actual genetic behaviour of the NT Humans.

Indeed the fake illusion of kindness & altruism in NT Human society seems to bring comfort to NT Humans, a strange kind of comfort where their belief is based in fantasy & illusion rather than fact. The belief alone that they are a kind caring person/species seems to be enough for them to console themselves yet this is a belief based in illusion as when a crisis rears its head such as the recent one they cast aside the illusionary blankets of altruism, drop the charade & show their real colours.

NT Humans panic buying at a supermarket & following their Selfish Genes

No other species ever in history has done more damage to this planet in such a short time than NT Humans have, no other species ever in history have wiped out more species as a direct consequence of their behaviour than NT Humans have.


Yet NT Humans still have this unwarranted & complacent self righteous conceited arrogance about them. I like to think if ever an alien species came from another planet & viewed what the human race has become it would shake its head and ask what have you got to be so proud of look at youre behaviour & what you are doing to the planet.

The NT Humans word or promise means nothing. They are just empty words & sounds, their word is dependant on what mood they are in at the time & though they claim to be sincere what they say at the time give it one minute, one hour, one day, one week it will change as promptly as their mood changes so integrity & morality in modern day NT Humans seems to be a thing of past if indeed it was ever there.

Cousin to Humans The Chimpanzee

Well regardless of the consistent incredulity for this question Yes they are! The 5th Great Ape to be exact!

A hominoid, commonly called an ape, is a member of the superfamily Hominoidea: extant members are the gibbons (lesser apes, family Hylobatidae) & the hominids. A hominid is a member of the family Hominidae, the great apes: orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees & humans. The very odd difference between Humans & the other Great Apes is that humans have one less pair of chromosomes than the other Great Apes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes and other Great Apes have 24 pairs of chromosomes. This came about as in the human evolutionary lineage, two ancestral ape chromosomes fused at their telomeres, producing human chromosome 2.

Are Human Beings really Great Apes?

The irony here is one of the biggest problems for people with Aspergers Syndrome is the actual 'Theory of Mind' of the typical NT Human, its so ridgid & strict to a set of acceptable behaviours that its almost impossible not to trigger some alarm in their brain. It comes down partly due to their innate intolerance of difference & also their ridged (almost set in concrete) theory of mind that simply wont tolerate any behaviour that challenges their impossible to live up to criteria that they expect.


It only takes a tiny minor infringement of the NT Human's perceived acceptable criteria for it to trigger their primitive brain response of 'they must be a threat', 'this is weird' & their brains then release a cocktail of hormones & neurotransmitters that convince them you are a threat or that the person as an adversary in the competition for the resources of the ecosystem. This of course is an obvious maladaptive behaviour & is simply not relevant in today's society.


If that isn't bad enough for people with Aspergers Syndrome that there is no clear guide lines what is acceptable & what is not, all the NT Humans seem to have subjective personal criteria's that is different from person to person & on top of that the allowed 'criteria' is also influenced by the mood/emotion they are in at the time of the encounter. So NT Humans themselves find it impossible to not offend or stick to a ever changing exceptiable behaviour, what chance have people with Aspergers Syndrome?


The vast majority of NT Humans are playing a persona, a persona that they think the society they inhabit want to see, they are doing this as they don't want to be ostracised from society & the psychology for this lies in the incessant need of 'belonging' & tribal affiliation that humans crave.. It's very rare you will actually meet the real person when it comes to NT Humans, instead you will be greeted with a persona, an act or behaviour of what they think is acceptable or welcoming to you..

The disturbing irony here is the truth now is for the most part frowned upon in NT Human society, its become so common to mislead and lie that its a 'social norm'  & anyone actually telling the truth or telling only a tiny bit of the  truth is mistrusted & marginalized as some kind of displaced person that cannot be taken seriously, only a species where lying is now common practice would ostracize people for being truthful. Because it is a socially acceptable behaviour now NT Humans dont seem to have a problem with it or see the errors and lack of integrity that leads from telling lies consistently. This is one of the fundamental reasons why people with Aspergers Syndrome have such a struggle interacting with NT Humans, if you have someone who is 100% truthful interacting with humans that are predominantly pathological liars you can see why that would be such a problem.

NT Humans out of all the great apes are more capable of great cruelty and savagery, sometimes NT Humans mistake technological advancement with moral & evolutionary advancement. This is a huge mistake as NT Humans have changed little in a evolutionary & moral sense in over 60000 years of being on this planet. Indeed 60000 years is but a blink of an eye in evolutionary terms & the primitive cruel side of NT Humans sadly rears its ugly head regularly.

There is an estimated 320 thousand homeless rough sleepers in the UK in the year 2019 (that's one in every 201 British people) & though they really do need help & cant be any lower in the social structure of Human society, NT Humans still feel the need to prey upon them. Just as they do with people with Aspergers Syndrome NT Humans perceive vulnerability in them as weakness & so a green light to prey upon them appears. Recently one rough sleeper was sleeping in his sleeping bag in a door way while some NT Humans kicked him until his jaw was broken! Though I have been around NT Humans for decades now their primitive savagery still astounds me. If NT Humans were a benevolent kind evolved species like they claim would they be able to just walk past these people in need? Would they be able to pretend they don't even exist & just go about their shopping? Of course they wouldn't​. If you needed an example of NT Human egregious violence then this is it.


Another example of the sick behaviour of NT Humans happened recently.  A police officer in the United States in San Antonio, Texas was placed on indefinite suspension in October 2016 after fellow officers accused him of picking up a piece of dog poo, placing it on a slice of discarded bread then offering it to a homeless person. Well the News just came out now in 2020 that he is set to keep his job!


This is another classic example of the dark thinking and behaviour possible by NT Humans.. It's truly shocking, he's obviously a sociopath/psychopath! What type of message to the public does it send out after doing such a horrid act & now he's set to resume his job as normal. It's sickening.

Matthew Luckhurst, a police officer in San Antonio, Texas

An amusing event happened recently involving a host of a popular TV show in the UK called 'The Chase'. The host Anne Hegerty who has Aspergers Syndrome & a huge 155 plus IQ had an intelligence test with a Chimpanzee. Anne Hegerty & everyone else was shocked when she lost to the Chimpanzee! I however am not shocked at all, we have been misled partly due to failings in education & partly due to an ignorance of Evolution that we are superior to the other great apes. We are not! In many ways the majority of NT Humans are actually inferior to the other great apes.

A Human / Chimpanzee Intelligence Test

Anne Hegerty

The Collective Mass Hallucination of a Moral  Reality

The factually deprived society that NT Humans inhabit is also perverse, facts simply don't matter anymore, the truth doe's not matter. NT Humans live in a brutal egregious primitive culture, controlled by a corporate system laced with nepotistic pathology & with rampant social inequalities. The system constantly perpetuates a delusional fiction via the media even in the face of all the evidence & facts that refutes it that the system is fair & kind when in reality the system it only cares about the people who have money to feed it, its a type of mass collective schizophrenia! All individual moral responsibility for peoples actions have been stripped away from people & in its place is the establishment that now makes all decisions on behalf of the population.


The politicians of this system see the state & its own people as a projection of their own vanity, the system writes its own laws, rigs the financial markets for its own gain & by all definitions is a inverted corporate totalitarianism which is different from classic forms of totalitarianism as its not build around a demigod or charismatic leader but finds expression in the anonymity of the corporate state from which it controls the media, the financial markets & the banking industry. Capitalism also promotes hyper individualism in a way that social cohesion gradually breaks down after a short while. The establishment have an endless list of ways & trickery to take the peoples gaze away from them plundering the system, from the inequality from & theft of all morality from society. They attempt constantly to advert ones gaze away from the reality and instead invite the NT Humans to retract into a world of illusion through films, games, and consumerism. In this world there is no inequality, there is no dispossessed there is only oneself that needs to be appeased, how your neighbour or friend is doing is irrelevant and inconsequential, all that matters is oneself, the collective lack of humility in NT Human society is astonishing.

NT Humans inability to admit the system is broken combined with the inability to grasp the pathology of the oligarchic rulers that conceived this system is one of Humanity's gravest faults & as ignorance rules throughout society of how this system is structured or even works sadly there isn't a possibility that this system created by people who have a callous indifference to what is cruel & what is not can be stopped or replaced for a more compassionate fairer system. There is a corporate assault on culture, journalism & critical thinking, those who speak the truth are marginalised & ignored dismissed as pessimists in a culture that prides itself on a child like optimism at the expense of reality, NT Humans have a mania for hope that our corporate masters lavishly provide across the political & cultural spectrum to keep them passive. The kleptocratic creators of this system have built a system that has the facade of democracy but internally has rendered the citizen impotent, irrelevant & while doing so has turned the citizen as all Capitalistic Societies do with time into a commodity to exploit.

NT Humans are told that reality is not an impediment to what you desire, its been fed to NT Humans by the political & cultural spectrum, from positive psychologists, from the Opera show, from advertisements on TV from the large corporations, or the church or Hollywood via movies, this form of magical delusional thinking allows the NT Humans in society to remain in a persistent state of illusion/stasis & this is why NT Humans attempt to escape the ilogical chaos of real life through fantasy & delusion. The difference between illusion & a dream is that one strives to the dream & one lives within an illusion. These illusions keep people in a state of perpetual infantilism in effect they are never forced to grow up, their dream, their goal they think (which is in reality unachievable) is just over the hill.

Underneath the counterfeit public face of this ruthless capitalistic system is deep rooted hedonism with a rapacious greed for consumerism that is endless,  along with all the selfish pursuits of pleasure & sensual self-indulgence the system allows & actively promotes all methods possible for the acquisition of wealth.


The important thing is here is that you obtain the wealth & how you get it is less important & most of the time conveniently brushed under the carpet. Most of the Corporate Establishments that claim to be righteous and all above board are anything but, HSBC Bank the worlds 7th largest bank was caught laundering billions of pounds to South American drug cartels & for this crime they get a tiny fine from the justice system who are themselves bought & paid for & are just another branch of this rotting tree of establishment.


In the United Kingdom an alleged advanced society which is actually a cruel & perverse capitalistic society laced with nepotism, people across the country are being fined, arrested & prosecuted simply for being homeless. For the failings of a broken & flawed society the establishment then punishes the very people who have suffered because the system is broken.

Police forces across England Wales are still using the Vagrancy Act to prosecute people for begging and rough sleeping.

This law came into force in 1824 – less than 10 years after the Napoleonic Wars & a decade before the British Empire abolished slavery. It even predates the formation of the police who enforce it.

The HSBC received a tiny fine which could be easily & swiftly paid from one of the yearly bonus's of one of the CEOs at the bank, no one went to court, no one went to jail, there was no 'justice'. Meanwhile while its clear they are obviously completely unaccountable & above the law the average person on the street gets fined for not mowing their lawn or putting out their refuge bin on the right day! Its very clear that the Corporate Elite play from a different book of rules than the common person in the street does, the hypocrisy is clearly overwhelming.

The entire culture & pathology of consumerism is narcissistic in nature, its built around the cult of the 'self'. Its all about what can YOU can gain from this, what do YOU need, how do YOU profit from this. At its core its the attempt to acquire an unachievable happiness through buying experiences which are all self focused & then fuels a type of self gratification. It's a warped self centred attempt to achieve the unachievable, this pathology & single mindedness of course breaks down social bonds, hyper individualism is fundamental in corporate capitalism & this mindset together with unfettered capitalism share a warped type of dystopian symbiotic relationship. Indeed the white Europeans didn't destroy the American Indians just for the gold, buffalo & the land, it was partly due to the American Indians way of life which was seen as a competing communal ethic which was completely opposed to the ethics of capitalism.This relationship between consumerism & NT Human DNA makes the majority of NT Humans very selfish & self centered, most of them walk around in a hypnotic trance, mindlessly gazing in an almost psychotic way at their phones no doubt wondering & focusing on what they will purchase next. This reality would not look out of place in George Orwell's book '1984'

Its impossible to relate on a rational level to most NT Humans, for the most part they are intransigent in nature living & believing in a type of Alice in Wonderland fantasy world where their utopia & exhilaration is always just one purchase away. I think the best way to describe it is they are under a type of 'mass hypnosis by the Corporate State.'

A more detailed in depth look at Neuro Typical Human behaviour & the system they inhabit is available on the 'Human Behaviour Page'.

Here is a interesting post I found recently on a Aspergers Forum where a NT Human asked if people with Aspergers Syndrome feel selfishness.


The reply is abrupt & very telling of a person with Aspergers Syndrome, but the question in the first place is also sadly typical of the ignorance of NTHumans & their perception of conditions that they simply don't have the ability to understand.


The Question 'Do people with Aspergers Syndrome feel selfishness?'

The Answer 'I wont bother to even interpret your question the way you want, I’ll answer what I decoded. My answer & the best I can give right now: My daily existence is a constant & cold education in how to ignore the needs of other people in favour of my own needs. How to impose my values on someone else, to that person’s detriment. All the while not caring about the harm I could be causing someone. Yep, I know what being selfish is, society has taught me very well. I just refuse to be what I would need to become to be able to do this to another person. I know how much it hurts when you are on the receiving end. And being on the receiving end, so many damned & painful times is how I know selfishness. Does this answer your question? To be honest, I’m too mentally exhausted by humans today to care if I did. Hey wait a second, is that selfish?'


Devoid of Introspection most NT Humans don't realize that selfishness is now an innate part of NT Human behaviour & has become a 'social norm'. Born without or little Theory of Mind the Aspergers Brain has learnt the selfishness & has learnt to mimic these traits from the NT Humans though it does not come natural to us to act in such a way.


Recently a young person with Aspergers Syndrome wrote on a post online 'We Aspies are trapped on an obscure planet with a brutal primitive species (NT Humans) that we cant understand nor can we relate to any logical beneficial rational way.' Very apt i would say.

People need to understand that each neuro-type shares information with a different set of intentions. People with Aspergers Syndrome predominantly share information because of the love of information. A person with Aspergers Syndrome will share facts & information with others for no other reason than to share the information, there are no insidious hidden reasons other than the delivery of information.


On the other hand, NT Humans have other reasons for sharing information than just the love of information. NT Humans often use facts/information for leverage, or deliver information strategically to elicit certain responses, or to fortify their social standing often at the expense of others.


Most people with Aspergers Syndrome don't have ulterior motives & are not being manipulative by offering information. What often happens though is the NT Human will project neurotypical intent upon the person with Aspergers Syndrome this is unfair, incorrect & amoral. People with Aspergers Syndrome often don't realise that NT Humans will attach all sorts of weird & unpredictable emotions onto our data & will sometimes twist it to use against people with Aspergers Syndrome later for their own advantage.

There's a very common theme amongst people with Aspergers Syndrome

& that is the observation of pathological lying by NT Humans.


Studies have shown that on average NT Humans are lied to 10 to 200

times any given day.  Studies also show NT Humans that are complete

strangers lie on average 3 times in the first 10 mins of meeting, this is

how prevalent lying is now in NT Human Society.

Most NT Humans Claim its wrong to lie,  they use euphemistic terms like

“fibbing” or “white lies” to ease the obvious guilt they feel when doing it.

They sometimes superstitiously cross their fingers behind their backs or

out of sight, as if to somehow suspend the known moral social rules &

judge themselves on the right side of communicative history even though

its hardly fair when they have rather insidiously just re-written the rules.

They then cast webs upon webs of deceit & yet more lies in a vain attempt to cover up the initial lie.

Some psychologists believe on a evolutionary level lying is about the reward & gain process & the claim has some merit atleast in the initial stage of the actual lie. However I think its much more than that & actually is about protecting in a somewhat flawed maladaptive way the human ego & not wanting to admit they are wrong at any point & is also part of that overprotection. Human NTs are socially conditioned via school & society to view the admission of guilt as a failure when in reality telling the truth & the admission of wrong doing is a strength, a virtue. Indeed its how one learns & moves on from mistakes that they make I think the key word here is 'Wisdom' or lack of it thereof in this case.

People with Aspergers Syndrome are honest & loyal almost to a fault. One common theme with people with Aspergers Syndrome is the observation & annoyance it causes of the ease at which NT Humans can lie. Its so common now its literally a 'social norm'. Even when caught out & the lie has only happened seconds ago they will still nevertheless put all their energy into denying it & will then lie about lying & sometimes even go as far to try & convince you that you are delusional you imagined it all, its bizarre..


NT Humans seem to be constraint & bound by their own restricted perception of reality, they don't have the ability to rationalize or understand another persons perception & its pointless trying to relate to them when you realize that most NT Humans only understand the world from their own limited & some what flawed level of perception.


All NT Humans seem to suffer from 'Confirmation Bias'. Confirmation bias is a type of cognitive bias that involves favouring information that confirms your previously existing beliefs or biases. If an NT Human has an initial belief or a core belief then they will twist the facts, the logic & even the evidence to fit that belief. This coupled with the Tribal Affiliation & in-group/out-group psychology & it makes unbiased objectivity in NT Humans all but impossible. New information will not be listened to or will be twisted to fit in with their initial belief.. For people with Aspergers Syndrome this is insanity & delusionary, it stops the flow of information that could be important & that could undermine their belief if that belief is not rooted in reality. It appears to be an almost subconscious behavioural trait & the NT Humans seem to be completely unaware they are even doing it. Regardless if its a subconscious choice or not they seem unable to stop the behaviour even when its been pointed out to them they are doing it.


This is one of the reasons NT Humans appear disingenuous & deceitful to people with Aspergers Syndrome. The vast majority of NT Humans are primitive, simple minded & to be frank creepy to people with Aspergers Syndrome. A species predominantly devoid of critical thinking they are left following a crude primitive set of codes written into their dna fueled by emotional instability & unable to see the other side even to a simple situation & unable to rationalize that what would avoid violence or aggression.. The biggest unnerving thing is that NT Humans themselves are unaware they are these primitive savage creatures.

NT Human behaviour is an unending source of astonishment to us with Asperger Syndrome, with mendacity & callousness running through every aspect of NT Human's lives while very often blinded by hubris & their constant quest for notoriety & attention NT Humans don't seem to find any tranquillity in anything. Their unhealthy obsession with personal enrichment NT Humans are morally bankrupt, they are for the most part classic hypocrites they outwardly portray morality without actually being moral. The are for the most part devoid of empathy & slaves to their own erratic emotions that guide them through the day & predominantly with a mediocre intellect they struggle against the inevitable, they seem to thrive on conflict which of course is pernicious in nature.


Kindness shown to them & a caring word is usually never if ever reciprocated. They are also conflicted in nature, fickle & selfish, yet value loyalty, they are rapacious, rash, quick to judge & slow to change. Deeply egocentric, the NT Humans mistake honesty for bigotry, they mistake their ignorance for innocence, they cant separate fantasy from reality, NT Humans are hostile, militant & primitive. Its amazing they have survived for so long considering they are a species devoid of the ability for introspection.

In short humanity is not ready/evolved for the neuro diversity shown in people with Aspergers Syndrome. With Self Actualisation unachievable & the NT Human innate intolerance of difference the primitive conceptual framework simply wont allow for them to accept any difference of significance. Until NT Humans do evolve past that stage and shed their apelike intolerance of difference & all the other primitive primate behaviours people with Aspergers Syndrome & others with difference are in for a bumpy ride. In my experience it is pointless trying to interact with NT Humans they simple don't have the cognitive ability or theory of mind to even understand you in a rational logical way.

Neuro Typical Humans & Pathological Lying

When not lying to others they are rather surreptitiously lying to themselves to protect the ego. Rather than admit the reality they create their own reality in a some kind of warped justification of the initial lying. Most NT Humans would rather live in a delusional world where lying is accepted & a world where the truth is frowned upon.People with Aspergers Syndrome need the truth & need to speak the truth & our inability and difficulty to lie makes this a very dangerous & hostile world for us​.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Sadly most NT Humans often can't grasp the Theory of mind of the person with Aspergers Syndrome & will interpret  information from the person with Aspergers Syndrome as boasting & imply an insidious motive for giving out the information.


They think like this because they are restricted by their own perception of reality & they would be giving out the information so they cant imagine or understand why someone would be giving out information without any other purpose other than to give out the information. This I think shows you clearly how warped the pathology & mind of the NT Human is & hence works as a impediment to the 'free' spreading of information & knowledge.

Maslow's Pyramid of Needs

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology put forward by Abraham Maslow in 1943 in a paper called "A Theory of Human Motivation". His theories though at the time seen as radical parallel many other theories of NT Human developmental psychology, especially ones that focus on the stages of growth in NT Humans. His theory argued that psychological development was in stages and to attain the level of 'Self Actualisation' you needed first to go through the lower stages which included essential survival behaviours such as breathing, food, water, sleep. Then the next stage which was safety & with that security, health. Then he moved to love/belonging, then to self esteem & then only with these stages complete you could actually achieve 'Self Actualization'..

His work runs parallel with the understanding of evolution & the developmental stages of growth hence are very significant & relevant here. Modern day NT Humans more so the ones of this generation do seem to be caught in childlike/infantile state, Maslow's theory would certainly lend weight to the fact that the vast majority of modern NT Humans have never actually developed to the stage of  'Self Actualization' which is needed for both critical thinking & for abstract thinking.

In this state the NT Humans are on what is effectively 'Genetic Rails' where they blindly follow the DNA code plus the generic irrational emotions without the ability to question or understand the world around them in an objective meaningful way.

While in this perpetual loop of despair NT Humans seek respite & to pacify their bleak existence through consumerism. I personally think that's why the education system in western countries do not promote critical thinking nor do they promote any of the stages of Maslow's pyramid of needs so the majority of NT Humans never reach the stages of 'Self Actualization'. A population in this state is much easier to control, much easier to manipulate & of course it feeds very conveniently into the warped ideology of corporate capitalism. As when the population is using consumerism & marketed goods as a pacifier to the perpetual plight they are in they are viewing the world & its structures of power in a very myopic way . Of course respite to their situation from purchasing goods is only ever fleeting as they lurch from one hedonistically driven purchase to the next & while doing so conveniently enriching the greedy corporations who are selling the goods.

Ok onwards and upwards & if you are still here & managed to suppress your cognitive dissonance from the first page then my hat goes off to you, you are the 5% of NT Humans that actually know what it is and have the ability to control it. Its not easy hearing the truth, even harder tolerating it. Enjoy the rest of the site!

Please note all the incidences & events mentioned on this site actually occurred and while I stand by these recollections wholeheartedly I must mention however, although I have been researching & studying Genetics, Anthropology, Primate behaviour for over a decade now its still however my opinion based on that research that the behaviour shown by these Neuro Typical Humans mentioned predominantly originates from their primate based genetically driven behaviour patterns & none or little nurture from  their parents. This site was not built with the intent to purposely offend and upset people but to document and observe Neuro Typical Human behaviour through the perception of someone with Aspergers  Syndrome.

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